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About Ron's Rad Rides LLC

Ron Adams' Background

I have lived right here in the Sioux Falls, SD vicinity since 1978. All three of my children were also born and raised here, and we have lived within about a 5 mile radius for nearly 30 years.

My eldest son is a Corporate Operations Engineer for Google and resides in Zurich, Switzerland. He attended and earned his degree from the California Institute of Technology (Caltech) in Electrical Engineering and Applied Science. Caltech is located in Pasadena, California. My second son is the IT Manager for Galil Medical located in Arden Hills, Minnesota. He attended the University of Minnesota. He is also the father of my first grandchild who is about 1 1/2 years old now, and who by the way, is simply the cutest and sweetest little grandchild on earth. (No, I'm not prejudiced either..!!) My third and youngest is a girl, who attended Macalester College in St. Paul, Minnesota. She graduated with a degree in Anthropology, having studied abroad for 4 months in the Fiji Islands. While there, she attended the University of the South Pacific, focusing on cultural history and geography. She is now a Crime Prevention Specialist for the Minneapolis Police Department. My wonderful wife of 32 years, is in her 18th year at South-East Behavioral HealthCare in the Education and Integration department, located right here in Sioux Falls. She helps keep me sane and on the straight and narrow. Sound familiar?

Oh, I was supposed to be talking about myself. I’m sorry, I’m just very proud of my family and they are the most important part of my life, so the reality is, they are a very integral part of this “About Me” page.

OK, about me! First of all, I am a true “car guy” at heart. I have been intrigued with cars and motorcycles for as long as I can remember. I think it all started when I was about 3 years old and I received my first toy car from my parents as a gift for my birthday. I thought it was the coolest thing in the world! And, the funny thing of it is, I still get that same feeling about a lot of the vehicles I have owned and/or sold. I think you are born with the “affliction” or you’re not, and I don’t think there is any fighting it.

I started owning and eventually selling sporty and muscle cars at the age of about 18. And.., it has continued since then. I have owned so many nice cars, that I have lost track a long time ago. But, I know it is definitely in the hundreds.

I attended Andrews University at Berrien Springs, Michigan and majored in the Social Sciences, Music, and Criminal Psychology, but I found college to be too boring and a particular girl to be too interesting and the two didn’t mix very well. I decided other things looked more appealing and left short of my degree. Probably a mistake, but back then it seemed like the right thing to do. Two years later, I attended the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, NE, until I came within about a half semester of earning my degree. I had enough credits for my major and just needed a few more electoral classes, but never finished. Ah, the things we do when we are young..!

I don’t know if attaining my degree would have changed much in my life, but I still regret not doing it! While owning and being involved in another business in the late 70’s and early 80’s, I would purchase a vehicle or two and play around with it and then eventually resell it when I got bored or thought I could make a little money. It gradually escalated to owning about 10 cars at a time, until I finally realized that these Corvettes and muscle cars I was owning and selling, was what I really enjoyed doing and the other job was just work. With no fun involved!

Then one day I drove by a building that had a “For Lease” sign on it that was located on a busy intersection here in Sioux Falls. A few months later, I was opening the first Sports Car dealership in Sioux Falls. It was quite successful for a number of years, until a partner became a liability and I bought him out and moved to another location.

A couple years later, I moved my business into an all-indoor 11,000 square foot 80 year old historic building which I completely remodeled, and operated the first of that kind of store in about a 400 miles radius, and sold my vehicles primarily through specialty car magazines. (Deals On Wheels, etc.) Most of my vehicles were sold over the phone and shipped via transport. The customers paid in full before the vehicles left my dealership. The first time they would see them in person, was when the transport would pull up in front of their house and unload their new purchase. (That, of course, was before the internet or digital cameras existed, and the only way they saw the vehicle was with a group of pictures or a video that I sent out. I found very quickly, that if you are honest with people and treat them how you would want to be treated, they will trust you, and everything works out just fine.) I really enjoyed that dealership and sold a lot of VERY nice classic/muscle cars and motorcycles. I had a large U.S. map mounted on the wall in my lobby with a big pin stuck in Sioux Falls, and every time I sold a vehicle out of town I would put a small tack in that town and state and wind a piece of thread between the pin and tack. It wasn’t long before that map looked like a huge spider web! My vehicles were sold throughout the continental United States, Canada, Mexico and even Alaska.

My reputation for being knowledgeable and honest, and having very nice vehicles spread quickly, and soon I was doing a lot of appraisals for banks, insurance companies, estates, and private individuals. Unfortunately, due to a number of different reasons, I closed that store, and now that glorious old quartzite building has been torn down and turned into a parking lot for a restaurant/bar/comedy club. Progress!

I was a wholesale vehicle buyer for a local businessman and then was a Sales Manager, Finance Manager, and Branch Store Manager for one of the largest Ford dealerships in the Midwest for about 4 years. I then took a Sales/Finance Manager position for a specialty car dealership and once again, sold vehicles all over the U.S., except now, it was with digital pictures and the internet! What a difference from the old days! I held that job for about 4 years until I resigned in November of 2004, to do WHAT I REALLY WANTED TO DO, and that is what I am doing now! Marketing hand-picked muscle, classic, sports cars, convertibles and Harleys on the internet!

I guess once you turn 50 (and I am past that now by quite a few years) you tend to look at life a little differently. At least I did. I just decided it was time to do exactly what I really enjoyed doing, and that was finding an exceptional vehicle, taking excellent high resolution pictures, and putting a very thorough description together about it. Then, once the entire package of pictures and description is completed, posting it on the various sites on the net and my website, so the person looking for that special "one and only" vehicle would be able to find it! And you know what.., that is the most fun for me..! Seeing that classic/muscle or Harley go to its new home where it is going to really be enjoyed, admired, and appreciated!

Can you call this a job? I don't! I call this working for fun!

Ron's Rad Rides

I am located in Harrisburg, SD right near the border of Minnesota and Iowa. Due to South Dakota's convenient central location in the U.S., your transportation expense should be relatively reasonable no matter where you live. The business focus is the marketing of hand-picked muscle, classic, sports, convertibles and Harleys on the internet. I also sell locally, but the internet is the primary market. You will find these vehicles/bikes to be in exceptional condition and generally very well documented.

Fair pricing is also very important. No pie-in-the-sky pricing here..! Just quality vehicles/bikes being sold at a reasonable dollar amount, relevant to their options, uniqueness, rarity and condition! Sold vehicle transportation services are available if needed, and I own both an enclosed car trailer and motorcycle trailer. If you live fairly close and need transportation of your new purchase, the delivery may be included in the total purchase at no additional charge. This is not meant to guarantee or suggest you will receive free delivery of your vehicle purchase, but it is a possibility, given the right circumstances.

I look forward to hearing from you, thank you!

I thought you might like to see my idea of a leisurely Sunday afternoon ride!

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