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Are you a large dealership, or will I be dealing with you personally?

I am a one man show, on purpose! I have been employed at large dealerships with as many as 50 sales people on staff, been a sales manager, finance manager and branch manager at one of the largest Ford dealerships in the Midwest for a number of years, and also been a sales manager and finance manager at one of the larger specialty car dealerships in the Midwest for about 4 years! I also did the appraisals and was in charge of essentially all the sales activity at these respective places. I also owned my own specialty car dealership for 12 years and had as many as 12 employees, and guess what, I don’t miss one second of it! I resigned my position in November of 2004 and decided to do WHAT I REALLY WANTED TO DO! And, that is exactly what I am doing. Marketing hand-picked and unusually nice muscle, specialty cars, and Harleys on the internet. I LOVE THE PEOPLE I DEAL WITH AND REALLY ENJOY TAKING THE PICTURES AND PUTTING THE MARKETING PACKAGE TOGETHER FOR THE INTERNET, SO WHOEVER IS LOOKING FOR THAT SPECIAL VEHICLE CAN FIND WHAT THEY HAVE BEEN SEARCHING FOR!

How long have you been involved with specialty cars/motorcycles?

I have been involved in the marketing, sales management, purchasing, documentation, appraisal and restoration of muscle, classic, specialty cars and motorcycles since 1978. (Over 30 years)

If I like one of your vehicles/motorcycles, how do I go about purchasing it?

First, I would recommend calling or emailing me with some general questions about the vehicle/motorcycle, and then if you feel you would like to purchase it, there are a number of different options you can choose from. (I will explain them to you when you call or email, but most buyers do wire transfers, because it is the fastest way to get your vehicle/motorycle paid for and be able to take delivery right away.)

Where do you get your vehicles/motorcycles from?

There is no single “magical” source to find great muscle, classic, specialty cars, and motorcycles. However, having been in the business for over 30 years, I have developed a lot of contacts and know of a number of privately owned vehicles/motorcycles that may come up for sale from time to time. I also attend some classic vehicle/motorcycle sales, but most of my vehicles/motorcycles come from private individuals.

What if I would like to purchase a vehicle/motorcycle from you, but don’t have the time to drive it or simply want it shipped to me? Do you have any enclosed transport connections available?

Yes, I own my own car trailer and motorcycle trailer (both enclosed) and late model pick-up that I can use to deliver your new purchase. My rates are reasonable. The vehicle trailer is a single place, so I can only deliver one at a time, while the motorcycle trailer has room for two. Depending on how far you are from me, I may be able to work the transportation into the total price. Otherwise, I have two professional enclosed shippers that I work with all the time. They are very dependable and deliver nearly anywhere in the United States. Because I use them exclusively, they treat me right and I pass the savings on to my customers.

Are you near an airport if I wanted to fly in to see and/or purchase a vehicle/motorcycle from you?

Yes, we have a full service airport in Sioux Falls, and have at least four major airlines that have connections to our terminal. I will be happy to personally pick you up at the airport at no charge. All you have to do is let me know the date and time.

If I do decide to purchase a vehicle/motorcycle from you, what can I do to hold it so no one else buys it till I can either get there or arrange for the rest of the payment?

Typically a 10-15% down payment is sufficient to hold a vehicle/motorcycle for whatever time you and I agree on. I am pretty flexible, but keep in mind that my goal is to get the vehicles/motorcycles sold, so holding one for an unusually long time period prevents me from reinvesting that money, so a "reasonable" time is the important byword here. Every situation is different, and you will find I am very easy to deal with.

Even if I decide I want to purchase one of your items for sale, I am nervous sending you money for a vehicle/motorcycle that I have only seen pictures of, and also the fact that I don’t know you personally. What can you do to guarantee me everything is legitimate?

That is a very good question. I guess the best way to answer it is like this. When I buy over the phone or internet with only pictures and not having seen the vehicle/motorcyle in person first, (which I do quite a bit of), it simply comes down to my comfort level with the person I am dealing with. There are some people I wouldn’t dream of sending even $10 to, and other people that I have no problem wiring them whatever the full amount of the vehicle is. (I have wired in excess of $50,000 for one vehicle.) You just have to talk to them enough to get a feel if you can trust them or not and if you are like me, your instincts will probably be your best guide. Ask me any questions you can think of. There are no wrong questions and the more you ask the more information you have with which to make that decision.

Can you help me find a particular vehicle/motorcycle? One that I have been looking for and can’t seem to find?

Yes. That is one of my specialties. I have found numerous vehicles/motorcycles through the years for people. And…, if I know you are really ready to buy and want one right away, I will be more than happy to actively search for that special vehicle/motorcycle. Chances are, I will be able to help you find it too.


I have the knowledge, information, and expertise to help make your purchase and importation to Canada, a pleasant and non-stressful experience!

Heres why, because I...
  • Have excellent dependable, customer friendly, Enclosed Shipping Connections!
  • Have sold many vehicles/motorcycles to Canadian buyers in numerous Cities and Provinces!
  • Know what you need for documentation, to make the importation streamlined!
  • Know about "waiting times" at the border before importation!
  • Have the connections for very reasonable storage facilities at the border until you can pick up your new purchase!